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Join at $37/mo for life!



broken... to beautiful,
bold, & balanced


A monthly community to transform your inner world + create thriving relationships, in just minutes per day.

So you're ready to heal your nervous system, feel safe in your own body, and attract healthy love...


But you don’t quite know where to start… or you feel like you’ve tried everything and nothing seems to work. And getting help seems overwhelming or expensive…


Deep down you’re ready to enjoy your relationships, without constant fear of rejection or abandonment…and instead learn how to break free from exhausting emotional patterns and become the happiest version of yourself again. 


Well, you made it to the perfect place.

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Is your happiness still dictated by other people? Let’s work on that.

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Watch your soul thrive as you unapologetically put yourself first, care for your energy, and follow your dreams. 

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And say hello to healthy, good-for-your-nervous-system, secure love.

Learning from Ranela is the best. I’m telling all my friends about her!!! She’s helped me find myself again and I’m building new rules for life as an adult in life and love.



Does this sound like you?


You keep thinking back to how you “used to be” happy, confident, & sure of life. But now you find yourself wondering “what happened to that version of me??”

Your nervous system is all out of whack, and you’re tired of getting triggered by so many things recently...

Somehow, emotionally unavailable men keep finding their way to you, and you’re ready to get off THAT emotional rollercoaster, but you don’t know if that’s even possible anymore. 

Deep down, you want to be happy, even without someone in your life and you’re ready to step into your happiest season – not for anyone else, but you. 

I’m not a mind-reader, I’ve just been there…

Welcome to calm & unbothered. You can leave the energy-suckers at the door.



No one talks about…

How emotionally draining it is to feel disconnected from yourself… to be in emotional survival mode. And then to feel like your unresolved inner world is affecting the people you love most…

Around 27, I went through my own quarter-life crisis. I had to go through years of  healing, personal development, broken relationships, before learning the principles and practices that I teach you inside this membership. 


I went back to school to become a therapist, started a coaching business, and graduated with my Masters in Counseling Psychology from CalBaptist University. As I counseled clients, I decided I wanted to build the community of women I wish I had when I felt like I was the only one going through the growing pains of an identity transformation.

So here she is -

luna mockups (7)_edited.jpg

My first ever monthly membership created for the woman who is ready to embark on the journey back to herself, create new rules for her nervous system, and become the type of woman who attracts & builds healthy, thriving relationships. 


Her name is Luna, after the Roman goddess of the moon, and all the moon symbolizes in the feminine world, but most of all - for the light she shines when it’s darkest. 


The luna membership is not just a vault of personal development courses, it’s a community of women who are supporting each other, holding the light for one another’s path, and doing the brave work of growing and transforming together.




A woman’s wellness community full of live workshops, on-demand courses, and community support for mental health and relationships.

Trace the path to where codependency, self-sabotage, and pleasing became a way of survival. 

Here’s a preview of what you can expect inside the membership:

On-demand courses & audio sessions

Monthly unlocked educational courses on the topics below + journal prompts to help you embrace radical self-love, and deepen your relationships

Course Suite (unlocked monthly):

  • My 12-step framework for healing your wounded self & rebuilding confident energy

  • Self-care checklists & lifestyle energy audits

  • The 6-module Breakup & Closure course

  • The Communication & Conflict Scripts bundle

  • The Self-Knowledge Universe course (Discover your Attachment style, Emotional Intelligence, 16 personalities, personal vision, and more!)

Live Monthly Group Calls

Monthly live trainings & coaching support from Ranela + guest experts

Monthly courses & journal prompts

Monthly recorded courses and  journal prompts to support you in your healing journey.

Supportive community chats

Community chats on topics like Self-love, Relationships, Celebrating the Wins, and Communication Scripts.

Monthly recurring meditation + yoga sessions

Group sessions with a certified yoga teacher

Join for $37/month!

(no risk  — cancel anytime)


The luna membership is brand new, but here’s what Ranela’s past clients have to say about working with her programs:

One of the best decisions I've made in my life!

Working with Ranela was a hope-giving experience. I realized, in a deeper way, that it's okay not to have everything figured out. That is what the process is for. My experience gave me so much food for further thought and tools to help me grow as I go.

I would describe the experience as one of the biggest blessings of growth and healing I have had to date, in my life. I felt seen, heard and understood, and overall gained insight into some patterns I was stuck in and strategies to overcome them.

This is huge for me!!! Seriously needed this, I'm in a crossroads in my life!! It's time to change and life has lead me here and taught me the lessons to actually start building... your content is very very helpful.

It's been a really amazing experience and one that I'm really happy I invested time and money into! Doing the work is definitely not easy, but it's something that I know I need to do in order to become more mentally, spiritually and emotionally healthy. And Ranela is a really amazing coach and guide on how to become this version of myself. 

We don’t love this for us anymore…

  • Feeling overwhelmed, sitting in self-sabotage and low self-esteem


  • Falling back into the same toxic relationship cycles

  • Choosing people who can't fulfill your emotional needs

  • Getting triggered and dysregulated without a sense of emotional control

Where we’ll journey together…

  • Waking up with a feeling of calm and confidence


  • Moving through the beginning stages of dating with caution

  • Regulating your nervous system & feeling safe in your body


  •  Truly loving life – with or without a partner. 


We’re on a mission to make the inner work easy, so you can thrive in your relationships.

luna mockups (3).png



What is it?

 A woman’s wellness community with live workshops, on-demand courses, and community support for mental health and relationships.

What's included?



  • My 12-step framework for healing your wounded self & rebuilding confident energy

  • Self-care checklists & lifestyle energy audits

  • The 6-module Breakup & Closure course

  • The Communication & Conflict Scripts bundle

  • The Self-Knowledge Universe course 


with a supportive community of women 


with a certified yoga teacher! 


by Ranela on relevant topics






How is this different?

This is not just a set of courses, it’s a community 

You’re joining a group of women who are working together to support your journey, share collective wisdom, and grow together. There’s power in sharing our stories!

Actionable, proven strategies you can implement right away

I only give you what you can take action on. How many countless books, podcasts, and courses do we buy/download and never use? This is where we get down and dirty and do the real work every month – in a way that’s not overwhelming, but where you see actual progress.

Need help knowing exactly what to say to someone in a high stakes situation?

This is where we get down and dirty in the details, and you get personalized support from all of us with communication scripts and strategies to help support your relationships.


I know you're ready for something to change.
You're ready to show up to life with that confidence and energy you used to know.

Can't wait to meet you in the membership!

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