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Your eyes are opening. You're starting to see how your own beliefs & toxic thought patterns might be contributing to the dysfunction of your life, and you're ready for a fresh start. 

You are aware of what needs to change, but have no idea where to begin or how to rewire deeply-rooted patterns. ("Is it even possible??")

You have the desire to level up, but afraid you might just be that one person who is "beyond all hope" since your habits are decades-old.

You are done with feeling disconnected from yourself. It's been far too long since you felt truly happy, and you are holding on to hope that one day you might feel excited about life again.

Let's do life together

1:1 Private Coaching

space is limited

Let's work together privately for 8-12 weeks, meeting over Zoom & staying in touch over WhatsApp. "Redesign Your Mind" course is included.



Online program, "Redesign Your Mind"

This program is entirely self-paced, with 6 modules of training on healing from childhood wounding & rewiring your mind for peace, purpose & clarity. Journal prompts, affirmation scripts & access to free workshops are included.

Join the Inner Soul Reset virtual retreat

(July 5 - Aug 23, 2023)

Inner Soul Reset is for the soul ready to anchor themselves in self-love, release the lies and voices of the past, and develop a secure energy that attracts healthy love … 


This was one of the biggest blessings of growth and healing I have had to date, in my life. I no longer feel the weight of guilt...and shame that I did not realize was overshadowing who I believed I was.

Amber G., CA.


My Story

My name is Ranela Kaligithi. I am a California girl in her 30's who loves talking about mental and emotional health. Growing up in a loving, safe family has been one of the biggest blessings of my life. 


However, in my 20's I went through some major transitions, breakups and life changes that began to bring out a lot of unresolved issues in my mental health. I didn't realize how damaging my thought patterns and beliefs were, how anxious my nervous system had become, and how it was all affecting my relationships and quality of life. 


I embarked on a journey of healing and am now studying to be a therapist at California Baptist University. Life is a lot better when you're on your own side, but too many of us have no idea how to get there. I want to share with you tools,  strategies & best practices I've learned along the way to help you build emotional resilience and to finally be excited about life again. 


Looking forward to doing life together! xo, Ranela

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