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Let's do life together.

Can you relate?

  • You’re feeling disconnected from yourself and wondering who you are anymore, after all the challenges and transitions you’ve gone through


  • You are tired of sabotaging your relationships and drowning in guilt because of it

  • You follow a million mental health profiles on IG, but you’re ready to experience tangible personal growth


  • Most of all, you want to finally feel in control of your mind and emotions, instead of the other way around

I've been there. And I'd love to help.
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100+ Journal Prompts

Lifetime access to the 6 Module Course

BONUS Videos & Workbooks

This course includes:

  • Redesign Your Mind 6-module course

  • *New bonus course: "Rediscover You"

  • *New bonus course: "Find Your Purpose"

  • *New guided journal (pdf) - "Communicating through Conflict"

  • 50 Affirmations for Anxiety (pdf)


This is what I want for you...

When you wake up in the morning and the feeling of overwhelm or fear starts to creep in, you expertly navigate your emotions and beliefs to start the day with a calm mind.


You notice that it’s been weeks and months since you’ve had a self-sabotage spiral, and you’re starting to actually feel in control of your own thought patterns.


You’re confident, in your best self. Instead of being overly preoccupied with whether you’re good  enough, you're more concerned with living in authenticity.

You’re scrolling through social media and are genuinely happy for other people’s happiness without comparing your own life to theirs. You just can’t imagine ever wanting to be anyone else but you.


You just FEEL happy and generally at peace. You’ve shifted your focus from emotional survival, to finally being able to pour into the lives of those around you and follow your passions again. Ahhh it feels so good to be free …

Hey, I'm Ranela.


Several years ago, I remember looking up at the bright fluorescent lights from my ER hospital bed, thinking “something’s gotta give.”


I was emotionally done and at my lowest point, and had landed in the ER because of it.


I felt disconnected from myself and was struggling to get out of bed everyday because I didn’t think there was a reason to anymore.

I decided to make some big decisions. They were scary, but I knew I had no choice. I had to somehow start picking up the pieces of life...

This is my reality...

... That season sparked a challenging, but beautiful journey back to healing and wellness that completely changed everything.


I read books, talked to mentors and therapists, wrote in hundreds of pages of journals, and spent time nurturing a relationship with myself that has led me to where I am today.


I can’t tell you how amazing it feels to truly know, love & accept myself.


I decided to create a step-by-step roadmap that has helped my clients develop stronger emotional resilience and provided some missing pieces of mental wellness that they weren’t taught in childhood.


I’d love to show you how to break free from the prison of your mind and live in peace, freedom and wholeness once again. 

"My experience with Ranela was surprising in the best way. The exercises she prescribes are so simple, but they cut to the heart. I now have a whole new paradigm for relating to myself and nurturing my emotional health—and the best part is, it’s practical and actually works."

- Michael M.

What You'll Learn

A step-by-step program to develop emotional resilience, rewire toxic thought patterns, and navigate life and love with confidence.

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Intro to Your

Mind & Emotions

How beliefs & destructive thought patterns shape our reality & daily emotions

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Rewire Your

Identity & Self-Worth

Assess the sources of your identity & self-worth. Develop practices to form a stronger sense of self.

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Meet Your

Inner Child

Discover how childhood wounding & adverse life experiences still affect you today

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Redesign Your Mind

Understand and rewire  your cognitive distortions. Identify  mental health practices that work best  for you

Screen Shot 2022-08-24 at 12.15.58 PM.png

Identify Your


Identify your deepest fears & develop practices to manage everyday anxiety

Screen Shot 2022-08-24 at 12.16.31 PM.png

Redefine Your


Clarify your values and discover important non-negotiable within romantic relationships

You're going to want this if -

  • You have had enough of the exhausting anxious feelings, lack of clarity and hopelessness.
  • You haven’t had a ton of experience with therapy or coaching and are ready to dive deeper on your journey .
  • You’ve decided that this is a season of healing, and you’re ready to learn from your past & transform how you show up in the world.

What's Included

  • Redesign Your Mind 6-module course

  • *New bonus course: "Rediscover You"

  • *New bonus course: "Find Your Purpose"

  • *New guided journal (pdf) - "Communicating through Conflict"

  • 50 Affirmations for Anxiety (pdf)

The Investment


Standard Package

  • Redesign Your Mind 6-module course

  • *New bonus course: "Rediscover You"

  • *New bonus course: "Find Your Purpose"

  • *New guided journal (pdf) -"Communicating through Conflict"

  • 50 Affirmations for Anxiety (pdf)

Original price: $127
SALE: $67


1:1 Coaching

  • Standard  package +

  • WhatsApp Support for 12 weeks (Mon-Fri)

  • {9} 1:1 private coaching calls via Zoom with Ranela over 8 weeks\


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How will I receive the course modules and information for the program?


A: Once you register and pay, you will receive login info via the email you provided, so you can access the course modules, right away. You will also receive regular reminders to watch the courses, join monthly workshops, or take advantage of any other resources I’m providing. Please email for any issues or questions.


Q: How can I know this is a worthwhile investment of time and money?


A: Our relationship with ourselves affects everything - from the everyday decisions we make, the health of our relationships, how we spend our money, our professional performance and the way we show up in life. When your emotional health is strong - everything else changes for the better. So the question is not whether emotional growth is right for you, but whether I’m the right person to support you along the way. Feel free to go to my IG page @lifewithranela to learn more about what I share, and DM for any specific questions!

Q: How can I have personal access to coaching with Ranela?


A: You can sign up for the VIP package where you will have access to Ranela via Whatsapp as well as four, private Zoom sessions over two months. Space is limited for this option!


Q: Do you offer refunds?


A: Unfortunately, due to the digital nature of this self-paced program, no refunds will be offered once it is paid. If you feel there is a reason you would not see results, Ranela would be happy to chat through them with you.


Q: Do you offer payment plans?


A: There is currently not a payment plan for the self-paced program but the VIP Package offers a 2 month payment plan.

Final note from me...

Honestly, friend. You have exactly one life to live. I’m excited about filling in the gaps of your knowledge and mental health skills, so you can finally experience the inner freedom that makes life so beautiful!
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