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1 Month Intensive Coaching

1:1 coaching to empower you to manage overwhelming emotions + transform how you show up for yourself and your relationships in 2024.

1:1 Intensive Coaching with Ranela


I'm so excited about all that the new year has to bring in 2024! I want to make sure you're set up to reach your goals and transform how you see yourself this year.

If you're subconsciously sabotaging your relationships by continuous snooping, accusing, needing constant reassurance & rarely "enjoying" the relationship because of the insecurity and fear that plagues your soul - I've been there.

If you're at your breaking point, if you never learned how to set boundaries without wondering if people will get mad at you, or feeling so spread thin & like you're literally about to explode from the pressure to be there for everyone --

I see you, I've been there -- and it sucks 😔 

I want you to develop the type of confidence and self-trust you need so when a relationship gets serious, you don't feel the need to push them away or spiral back into fear & abandonment.

I want you to learn how to set healthy boundaries so you can go through your week not feeling bitter & burnt out 24/7.

And I want you to get CLEAR on your identity so you can live a life where you feel truly free to be authentically yourself.

Here are some areas we can focus on, depending on your needs:


  • Identity crises from societal, cultural, religious sources

  • Relationship issues, breakups, singleness or dating 

  • Managing fear, anxiety, and hopelessness 

  • Inner confidence, authenticity & self-love

  • People-pleasing, communication, & healthy boundaries

  • Clarity about your purpose and future 


How it works:


Our first session will be a 90min video call, where I’ll hear your story & we’ll create a list of goals and areas of focus together.


After that you’ll get 3 more weekly 60-min Zoom calls with me and WhatsApp access to send voice memos or messages in-between our sessions for support.


(Should you want to keep working together after one month, you will be eligible for my monthly alumni program at a discounted rate). 


Honestly, this is perfect for you if you need a breakthrough. You need ears and eyes and a compassionate heart on your story — and you need actionable tools and strategies to manage your mind, emotions, relationships, identity, and hope for the future.

Can’t wait to work together.   Xx

Today’s Price: $997 (orig. $1497)

Select the plan that works for you:


Need help ordering or have questions? Send an email to and we’ll get back to you asap.

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